Unfair Approach or my mistake - Expert server

I was near to Las Vegas and just wanted an active runway. Something happened, but I really don’t know what was my mistake. Can somebody have a look what was wrong in communication. Thanks a lot! image

You sent the same message three separate times, even though it was acknowledged the first time.


Tower only needs to know you’re inbound once, no need to keep repeating it. That will really frustrate the controller - they won’t forget about you…

You sent the inbound call three times after tower acknowledging you to continue inbound.

The controller was fully aware of your request the first time. But just because you want something, doesn’t mean you’ll get it. No need to request the same thing over and over again.

And on top of that, you seemed to ignore the instruction to enter downwind for 26R.


What the others have said, plus you have to expect/prepare for whatever traffic pattern or approach they want you to do. Not want you want to do. Your flight plan becomes irrelevant inside an actively controlled airspace.


They also don’t love when you request a runway.

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And even if you did want a specific runway,the controller will ALWAYS give you an active runway. ATC knows best.

The continue inbound acknowledges your intentions. It basically frees up the controller to deal with other aircraft and figure out where you will enter the pattern and who to follow. Await instructions after that point.

Not entirely true. No problem with requests, but just don’t expect it to be granted :)


Oh ok. I got check help pages the first 2 times I did that and haven’t requested a runway since.

Just be patient :) It’s the controllers job to vector you safely and when they are ready they will give you further directions

When the controller gives you CONTINUE INBOUND, you should just keep on nearing an active runway until further instruction. Pls correct me if Im wrong.

Will depend on volume of traffic at the time. Not busy, you’ll more than likely get your request. 4 or 5 inbound and even a few outbounds and you’ll have to change your plans based on ATC’s “flow.” They’re job is to get all aircraft to where they need to go as quickly and safely as possible. Just listen, and follow their instructions and you’ll be just fine…


Without interfering with inbound or outbound traffic of course :)

Yeah that is what I figured, but I was guessing. Now I know.

Yes. Just continue your fpl til another instruction is given

Pretty well answered. Any further things can probably be answered in the great topics you can find in #tutorials