Unexplained Crash

Good morning. Last night I started a flight from EDDM-KBOS in the A340. I went through all of my normal procedures, and left it at Cruise. I woke up this morning to the crash scene. I thought that I had maybe run out of fuel, but then I saw that I had not received any violations, so I must have been disconnected somehow. Any explanation for what might have caused this? Thanks!

When you say “crash scene” did you literally have the black screen?

Maybe @schyllberg can look in what happened last night. He will need a display name and a callsign.

Fuel shortage doesn’t automatically mean you’ll crash and end up with a bunch of violations.

I’ve seen quite a few cases where the aircraft just smoothly glides down and sets down without the user receiving any violations.

You were probably just lucky :)


I can vouch for this, if your jet is quite light and well trimmed (or even over trimmed) then it can leave you on a shallow descent.

We probably could have gotten to this stage without disturbing a regular hero Schylly who is getting tagged a helluva lot recently! Haha


Do you have any pets?

(Might click the AP)

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No, I don’t have any pets…

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I can second this, many times over, as this has happened to me quite a few times where my plane crashed due to shortage of fuel. Last time was during the Fall Season last year, where my flight ran out of fuel off the coast of Bali, Indonesia. But to my surprise, my flight had no violations. I quickly discovered that there are cases where your flight will just Gimli Glide just like Air Canada Flight 143, except my plane had pilot who were asleep ;)

All well, as I’ve tried this out in Solo yesterday where my packed 747-400 glided down without exceeding the speed limit.

I’ll say you, @DiamondGaming4, got lucky this time, but remember this won’t happen everytime so be safe out there in the sky ✈

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Would you mind checking my track log to make sure? Usernames was “IFC - DiamondGaming4” and Callsign was “TFC-004”

Looks like you may have run out of fuel. Your speed was decreasing. It went from 465kts GS to 215 in a matter of two minutes.

You appear to be gliding nicely though between 130-150 kts all the way down.


If he have had a pet, and it have had clicked on the AP button, the the plane would nosedived. This is mostly likely the cause of the AP still trying to keep the plane airborne when the plane is bound to fall down and crash, most likely due to fuel shortage.

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Please read this thread

Yep. Looks like I accidentally put 17328lbs instead of 173289lbs. I really must have been tired 😂 Thanks for the help!