Unexplained Crash

So it happened again…I’m making a short flight from KLAX to KORD and I’m descending for my approach when at 56nm out my trim all of a sudden bottoms out to (full pink) which caused the nose to drop sharply. I’m only at 080 at this point so the aircraft (MD 11-F) nose dives into the ground :c . Luckily before I was violated for over 250kts. This is the second time this has happened to me while flying the MD 11-F. Anyone have any suggestions? I had adjusted the trim to +60% (no pink) and was flying by hand except for NAV to get me to the ILS. It’s was impossible for me to pull up to avoid the crash.

Were you using a joystick.
Or had u been using one recently

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No I was on my tablet. Asus ZenPad 8.0

Did the autopilot disconnect?

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Yes the NAV did disconnect

Ok But did the entire AP disconnect. Including ALT

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I was flying the approach by hand and had navigation only set on the AP

OK I’ll let the mods deal with it

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It seems like you might be holding on the trim too long, that causes it to jump to full out nosedive…

Or you are on Approach mode or are you downright stalling? Is it a calibration issue on your end? 🤷🏻‍♂️

So Many Questions can be asked, but…

Can you possibly recreate this issue and look for stuff to help us solve this? Look at the AP, look at the Trim, Look at Flaps, etc.

Most likely an accelerometer issue on your device i’m afraid, or that IF lost calibration for no reason. Never heard of IF having those issues though…

A factory reset of the device might help.


I think you might be right at this point. I will reset tablet and see if it ever happens again. Just to make it clear I was flying at 190 KTS with 15% flaps so I don’t believe it was a stall. I’ll reset and let you know if it ever happens again after that. Thank you!!