Unexplained Cockpit Blurring Issue

Has anyone else noticed this?

After a fresh start of the app, meaning I cleared it from my RAM, everything is fine. It’s after I exit the flight and respawn again, I see this weird blurring come over the instruments of the 772. I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet with any other aircraft.

Picture of blurry cockpit

Picture of normal cockpit

As you can see there is a clear difference. All of my settings are on High and anti aliasing on for both pictures.


You cleared your scenery cashe too?

Yea, it happened to me too. I have every graphic on high and no anti analyzing.

If I’m not mistaken, scenery cache is only for global scenery.

(And yes, I’ve tried that.)

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No changes in graphics? If not, maybe aircraft count has to do with it?

Make sure your texture quality is on high. From the home page go to settings, then graphics, and you’ll see it. That’s my best guess as to the solution.

Not sure why a setting that affects other aircraft in the sim would affect mine.

I have all settings maxed. Airplane count, graphics, etc. I have a 2020 iPad Pro 11 inch so it’s more than capable of running it.

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I already stated above that my graphics settings are maxed.

I’ve had my graphic maxed out. It usually happens to me if I fly longer then a couple hours. The resolution on the lettering drops all of a sudden. I do clear scenery cashe.

Me and you have the same device, so that should mean something

It only happens on respawn for me, has never happened in the middle of a flight.

Perhaps @schyllberg could weigh in here, idk.

Try anti-aliasing off.

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Doesn’t fix it.

Have you tried it though? It’s possible

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Yes. It doesn’t work.

Restart your device. Should fix the issue.

Does it happen for a few seconds or for the rest of the flight?

I don’t need to restart my device, all I need to do is restart the app. The issue is after I exit the flight and start a new one, this happens.

I don’t want to have to restart the app after each flight.

The rest of the flight.