Unexplainable warning!

image isn’t this wierd?or how was i capable of doing acrobatic maneuvers while taxing


I bet you did some drifts in that ?757.


I have no answer for this lel

I don’t think i even got passed 15knots ground speed…drifts!!you’re kidding right!!

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Clearly the flight instruments in the cockpit say otherwise. Those have 3d cockpit models, is your gear really up?

Moved to support since this is more of a bug even though it did happen in live.

Thought of that too but aren’t you supposed to reproduce it to call it a bug…well since i can’t reproduce that!

That’s why we got rid of the bug category, many times you don’t have a direct way to reproduce.


Woah!i didn’t notice that until now[quote=“Carson, post:8, topic:32811”]
we got rid of the bug category

.maybe next time i should be more keen


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