Unexperienced Users on the Expert Server

I conducted a flight from London City to Inverness, during my departure I was followed immediately by an A318 who was very close, they eventually left the server. And then as I started my approach, I was followed very closely by a fighter until my landing. I’m not sure if they were trying to be funny, but their XP were both less than 70k which might have explained it.


XP doesn’t mean much. While, IFATC and moderators try to do what they do to keep the servers clean, they can’t be everywhere all the time. We do appreciate your report and if you have any further concerns, you can reach out to @moderators and we’ll take a look.


We all run through strange people, here is one trying to mate or something on approach at Geneva…


It happens to everyone. Everyone encounters a troll once in a while. If there’s ATC at the airport, they’ll probably get a violation or two, especially since this was on the expert server. However, if they maintained a correct amount of distancing, it’s all good. By the way, the fighter jet was probably just escorting you.

B777 to A320


A320 answered obviously:

  • No it’s a trap I know you.


  • I swear I’ll catch you!

Don’t judge me I drunk too much coffee today…


A321: Finally, now I can keep these pennies for myself.

B777: loud thumping sounds

A321: What the heck?

B777: I sMeLl PeNnIeS!


We were all ‘beginners’ on the Expert server at one time. While this doesn’t give an excuse to anyone for trolling, or acting immature on the Expert server, we need to be patient and give new users of the Expert server a chance.

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Yes. Everyone has had their awkward first flight on the expert server. They’re probably just getting used to it.

cue flashback to me when I was too scared to go on the casual server.

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I do to this day. I had an oops moment this morning taking off in a RCAF C130J-30.

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Of course. I actually didn’t rally have an issue with the fighter jet. The A320 taxied on to the runway after I was lined up and ready to go (London City), I feel as though he was not happy that I said about 3 times that I was taking off so he would expedite taxi.

Yeah this guy was having a blast following me for about 20 minutes during my Inverness approach.

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Yup, looks like an escort.

I don’t know what the other individual was thinking, as I wasn’t there, but in real life, A320’s aren’t allowed at London City. The largest jet allowed is the, now retired, A318.

Hahaha, It happens, but remember about casual server users, Is like the @NuggetFornia post. Have a good one :)

Also: Welcome to the community @GreatDane

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i cant read tho

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