Unexpectedly Got Bumped To Grade 1 from Grade 3

Hello everyone, today I was performing the flight LX188 from Zurich to Shanghai in a b777-300er, and about a half hour into the flight, my aircraft started plummeting to the ground. As I was on the expert server, I did not want to get ghosted. So, immediately, I exited the game so that I wouldn’t get any violations or ghosting. However, when I logged back into the game about 5 minutes later, it says I have 6 violations and now I am grade 1. I was at 14,300 feet, approximately, when I exited the game. Below are my grade table and my logbook. Can someone help me?

Based on that, the most logical violation would be exceeding VNE (overspeeding). Was your KIAS tape in the red?

Just have to wait out the violations regardless for your grade to be reinstated.

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But shouldn’t that only happen below 10,000 feet?

VNE is an airframe limitation. That is seperate from the 250kts / 10,000ft artificial (and real world) speed limit.


You are Grade 1 because you received 6 violations in one day, and the max you can earn to have Grade 2 is 5 in one day. For Grade 3, you are only permitted to have 2 in one day.

Here is a useful topic created by the amazing Brandon Sandstrom which should further cover your question: