Unexpected speed change mid-flight

Your Callsign

Emirates 9962 heavy

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (465)

Device Information

_ iPhone 8 Plus _
iOS 14


I found a cuplw but here is the biggest one. Every once in a while you would be flying and out of no where you speed shoots up like 30-50kts l. This also hasn’t only happened to me. My friend says that it happens to him and then the app crashed. The other person had to left because the aircraft would slow. Down.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • _Start a flight _
  • Just wait and see

Expected results

_ nothing. Just a normal flight._

Actual results

speed shoots up and sometimes down.

More Information

Sorry if I did this wrong this is my first time.

Any vids or screenshots so I can try to reproduce?

Would a sudden weather update influence this?

No I wasn’t streaming at the time.

Nope it shoot up in IAS

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Wait I can look at replay and see.

Can you go into the replay and check? Your report is quite broad for us to know what’s going on.

Saying “speed” is shooting up doesn’t say much. When did this happen, what was autopilot setting, why do you think it’s speeding up, etc.

Hold on, if you told me only the GS was shooting up I’d understand but IAS is highly wind related

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Oh ok but still there was no wind

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Once again, we can’t reproduce or figure out what’s happening without a more detailed explanation, with screenshots and/or videos.

I’m getting a video rn

Can you please share your replay file?

You can do that? O yea I see the button

Yes, you can use sharemyinfiniteflight.com.

Option #1: Share My Infinite Flight (Recommended)
  1. Go to ShareMyInfiniteFlight.com
  2. Upload your replay from your device.
  3. Copy and Paste the link it gives you into a reply to this message.

For more information please visit the Share My Infinite Flight (.com) tutorial.

Option #2: Google Drive

Another option would be to share your replay through Google Drive or another file sharing service. Please make sure that the link you send is public. If the file is private I will be unable to access the replay for review.

Did I do it right?

Either one you need to provide us with something. Either the link to #1 it gives you our the link to the google drive link.

I think I sent it

Sent it where? We are asking for you to reply to this topic with the url link to one of those two.