Unexpected Runway Changes - What should I do?

Good Day! I was just wondering what the procedure is when the wind suddenly changes direction, meaning I would have to land at the opposite end of the runway. What should I do if my flight plan is directed at the wrong end of the runway? I know this is important as planes are supposed to fly into the wind.

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Change you flight plan and land in the wind

If you are already fairly close to landing at the winds aren’t over 10 knots, and you feel comfortable executing the approach, go for it. If not, hold your altitude, make a 360 (if necessary), adjust your FPL and land on the other runway.

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Adding on what @tunamkol already said it doesn’t hurt to just activate HDG instead of LNAV, turn onto a downing leg and set up for the approach on the downwind in my experience.

That’s only if there is no ATC and no conflict with other traffic and terrain though.


Of course, you can act like you are performing a VOR Approach - descending as if you are landing on runway, then staying a few hundred feet above the runway and fish-hooking around to land in the opposite direction.

You just have to be good at hand-flying so you can turn the plane properly and not crash, with a good flare in the end to still butter,

I just go around and make a large 180 at the other side.

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