Unexpected Lag on iPhone 6


So I recently installed “Global” onto my trusty (old) iPhone 6. Amazingly enough, the update runs beautifully… when there are no other aircraft around.

For example: I flew from Sacramento to San Francisco last night, for the FNF. There was no one at Sacramento, and my phone ran very nicely. As soon as I get to San Francisco, I see other planes(Keep in mind my Live setting is set to Low amount of planes shown). With the other planes, my phone lagged so much I could barely land(Surprisingly, it lagged the most in HUD mode).
In the last version of Infinite Flight, my phone handled very well other aircraft. I’ve also noticed that the multiplayer aircraft are very high resolution, this might be the reason it lags.

Does anyone have any advice, or is there a setting where I can reduce the quality of only multiplayer aircraft?


(My graphic are set to Medium rendering quality, high rendering resolution, anti-aliasing ON, and limit frame-rate is on)

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Try turning off the “limit-frame rate”(although you will use up battery faster if you do), then try changing the graphic settings.

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Hello! Try turning off your mini-map as it reduced the lag for myself as well as many others :)


Idk but maybe u should try casual server.

yes, I have been on Casual

If the mini-map suggestion didn’t work, try some of these solutions below that was recommended by the developers.

  • turn off Anti Aliasing (graphics settings)
  • set “rendering resolution” to medium or low (graphics settings)
  • set “rendering quality” to medium or low (graphics settings)
  • make sure “Limit FPS” stays on (this should always be on even with recent device to avoid overheating or draining your battery)
  • reduce Live airplane count (Live settings)
  • go to a less busy server/area

I think the source of the HUD lag is the minimap performace issue.

Thanks everyone, I’ll try stuff that you all mentioned.

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How do you turn off the minimap?

Go to the bottom left and select HUD-1. You will now have no mini-map :) see you in the Skies! @SF34

Ah, thanks man! See you around too!

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