Unexpected Error Pop Up On Main Website Page

Whenever I am opening the website a message pops up saying “Unexpected Error”. I restarted the tab and browser. I restarted my phone if that was the issue but it still popped up when after restarting my phone. I am on an iPhone XR with IOS 14.2.0
Am I the only one having this issue?


I’m having this issue as well. I tried to summon Seb, but he didn’t respond. 😤

I’m sure he’ll get around to it shortly.

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I thought I was the only 😅, I guess not

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I was just on the website about top 5 757 routes, awkward…

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Haha lol 😆

I’m not too sure Seb is the discourse guy here. I know that Cam is wise with the ways of Discourse though.

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Funnily enough, it happened to me as well. I do know that google had a recent shut down of some sort and it might be because of that… but as far as I know, it only lasted an hour, so who knows

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I guess, it just seemed very strange. That would make sense.

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But, after the outage was fixed the website went back to normal though. I believe it could be a bug.

This wasn’t a Discourse bug, it was an issue on our website. It’s fixed now, thanks for the report!