Unexpected encounter

So i was flying between LPPT (Lisboa Humberto) and ULLI (St Petersburg Pulkovo), and at the 1/3 of the flight i almost had a mid air collision.
The video

Pls Starlux 88, if you read this, may i see your POV ?


Approved. Actually lol’d at this. Music paired quite nicely with it. 😄



Also, welcome to the community!

That n y o o m sound effect was spot on 😂



Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 4.53.02 PM


That was hilarious. However why where you are FL360 flying north east? 🤔

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In fairness to Starlux 88, he was on a westerly tract at the right Flight Level. You were on an east tract and probably should have been at 350 or 370. Good job on the music and sound effects though ;)

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This reminds me of JAL 907 and JAL 958. Thankfully both your flight and the incident involving the two JAL aircraft didn’t cause any casualties.

Nice job timing the music and effects!

Oh ok, i was not aware of this

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Cause i’m not totally aware of the regulations and which FL i should use depending on whether i go east or west
I just took off and thought “Yh, 360 would do the job”

Thanks mate :)

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0:21 you made a wrong decision

Oh my goodness
That was real close
A reference for future flights:



The thing is planes over Europe (at least from my experience) often don’t fly at those altitudes as long as they don’t cross the Atlantic, and this often results in flying even eastwards and odd westwards. I have no idea why that is, but I suspect that could be due to certain center areas they fly through that need to adjust their alts

that was close! anyways why are you on FL360? I suppose you should be on 350 or 370 or something…just a polite reminder

Well because i was not aware of this, so thanks for telling me

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Yeah certain countries have different rules (e.g. France and Spain).