Unexpected crashes

During both my latest recent flights, I have experienced unexpected crashes, one during cruise and one just after landing whilst taxiing. I was flying the 777F from EGBB to LFPG using an iPad 6th gen (2018). I am also using all the recommended settings as stated in the device compatibility thread, as well as my iPad being on charge. One thing I do notice is it getting hot. Can anyone explain why this is happening?

Thanks, Jacob

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What apple version is your iPad updated to?

Your device getting hot is a sign in itself that you should maybe turn your settings down. An increase in temperature would lead to your device thermal throttling or shutting the application down completely as a form of protection from excessive heat, and in this case, it may appear that the app is doing exactly that.

Generally, lowering your graphics settings, as well as ending all other apps running in the background is a good place to start.


The latest 15.0.2

There have been some known issues with IOS 15 and crashes with IF, so it’s possible that’s the issue. Did you have this issue before updating?

Laura (CEO) has posted a video on Tiktok explaining the multiple reports of crashes similar to yours. Even I experienced it. She said it’s fixed now so try and fly again, I’m pretty sure it won’t crash. As for the heating, lower your graphic settings, change the fps to 30 and disable anti aliasing.


I don’t now much but my friend who also used to play infinite flight had the same issue with a similar iPad… Maybe iPads don’t do well during long flights

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