Uneven spoiler deployment/retraction

Spoilers, fitted into almost every airliner, intentionally reduce the lift component of an airfoil in a controlled way.
In many aircraft, the spoilers are deployed/retracted unevenly. Take a look at this B738 landing.

Video by me

This feature creates a more realistic feel when landing your aircraft.

Please note:
I have only seen this on Boeing and Fokker aircraft. All others have simultaneous spoiler deployment and retraction.

Your thoughts and idea on this would be great! Don’t forget to vote if you wish to see it in Infinite Flight!

I’m sure this is the same on airbus aircraft, maybe I’m wrong.

I’ve watched the A320, A330 and A380 land but they are simultaneous

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I like this request :D

This will increase realism!

I’m out of votes so I’ll bookmark this for future reference

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This is simply a function of the controlling hydraulics.

Not all of the spoilers are controlled by the same hydraulic systems. The spoilers are also used to assist the ailerons in normal flight and the loss of all spoilers would be a pretty large degrade in the handling capability of the aircraft.

To prevent this and the loss of lift dumping on landing (hence increasing the landing distance required as the braking system would be less effective) the spoilers are powered from at least 2 independent hydraulic systems.

The differing rates of deployment and retraction come from the associated loads on the hydraulics at the time, braking, nose wheel steering, flight controls, reverse thrust doors etc…

It has no bearing on the effectiveness of the spoilers in their primary lift dumping role and cannot be felt or discerned from the cockpit.

(the Airbus do it as well but it’s not as pronounced, not sure about the 787 as the hydraulic pressure for the spoilers is locally generated using Electro Hydrostatic Actuators (EHAs’) I believe)