Unedited perfection

Hi All,

Back with some more, you know the drill. Buzzing Northeast airspace with an F18 this morning, since I have been off-sim for about a month now because I had some commitments I had to attend.

  1. New York skyline in solo.

  1. JFK I think in solo.

  1. More of Manhattan in solo.

That’s all, because I lazy. See you all in the next millennia. :)


I’m pretty sure that’s KPHL (Philadelphia)

Nice pictures! The reworked F-18 is really nice!

I appreciate lazy pilots. There are twenty one lazy pilots in the forum i suppose.🍱

Considering it was 2am when I made the is topic, yes, yes it was.

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I may appear lazy, but it was more sarcastic. Here on the IFC, I am a very professional user and I encourage maturity and realism amongst the community in an orderly fashion. :)

Amazing pictures

Wait until they are edited. Check my profile for more of some of my work.