Undo Button for Flight Plan Interface

Hello fellow IFC members!

Earlier, I spawned in the Amsterdam region to fly. I was trying to create a flight plan from Brussels to Duesseldorf then Schiphol. After picking the first 5 fixes for my flight plan, I selected another fix and I meant to press the “+”, but I accidentally pressed the “bow and arrow” button. This caused the sim to delete all the fixes I picked for my flight plan and now my flight plan has only one fix! Gah! Now I have start all over again! Before I even start over, I came up with an idea, a pretty good idea (I hope).

I came here now to request something that could be useful to pilots who accidentally screw up their FPL. Introducing, an undo button for flight plan! Well, this maybe an unusual and a pointless request but think about it. How many times have you pressed that “bow and arrow” sign while creating your flight plan? Did you get angry that you screwed up while trying to add fixes and had to start over from the beginning? Instead of starting all over, just press the “undo button” and you’ll get your flight plan back! Now you may continue writing your FPL!

If this is going to be implemented, this would save a lot of time for pilots! I don’t want to waste my time where I try to add the last fix and accidentally press that “bow and arrow” thing and start all over. This would be very useful for pilots that wants a perfect flight plan.

What do you think?

Good idea, or maybe asking “want to keep FPL” all the time, not only in the small HUD map would be helpful :)


P.S. The undo function is like the undo button used for typing things like an essay. Let’s say if you delete a sentence and you don’t like it, you delete it. You write another sentence to replace the original sentence, but you like the original sentence better, so you use the undo button to get the original sentence back. The undo feature would be the same for flight plan.

This is for the people who doesn’t know what undo means ☝️


Got my vote. I do 12 hour flights all the time, take off at 10am land at 10pm and log it for BAVA, the only thing is I need to create crazy flight plans last time I almost got done had like 50-60 waypoints chosen then I click the bow and arrow and lost like 3 minutes of time, this needs to be added.


This is a very good idea. I must say, however, I’m 99% sure it’s not a “bow and arrow”. I believe it is a D with an arrow, which signifies"Direct."


Not many times.

No not really. It’s not like our current IF FPLs are very long and complex

Votes are limited, and I would much rather alocate them in some livery I like. Just my opinion 👍😉

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Doesn’t the game give you an option if you want to replace your plan, or make a new one when you hit the direct button? And from there, you can prevent your plan from being changed.

Great idea! Im waiting for this feature too 😊

Same happens when pressing without intention the "end flight button… fourtunately the develoopers anounce that this one will have an “are you sure?” advise so… I hope this one will have it too


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Good Idea! Sadly I’m out of votes…

No. This definitely has a point. I fully support this feature, but I have my votes on other things I’d really want more than this.


This would be super easy to implement, you’re just storing a couple bytes in the RAM.

Ahh, this is a feature that should’ve been available in the simulator in the first place! Yesterday I accidentally copied someone’s FPL while trying to report him because he was taxiing through grass🙄. I wasted 5mins of my time trying to get the FPL back up again. Got my vote.

That is best suggesion of all times!


This would be very useful in global, just not right now…

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There is currently an undo button but not to recover a whole FPL

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There is an undo button. Just click the leg you dont want and click the minus sign and its gone

MaxSez: Don’t see the point of a program change to correct human error. In Flight Planning “Patience is a Virtue”! However, I salute you @CannedAviation for planning forethought.

No matter the make or model a Flight Plan is a prerequisite for any out of local airspace sortie. If your Grade 2 or above there no excuse for flying on this platform without a valid Flight Plan. The Plan should alway ID the recovery site as the last entry. Fly like a Pro not and inconsiderate Peanut. (The Expert Server is a prime example of poor airmanship. The failure to file ranks 75/25, a poor showing for so called Experts/Regulars. (See the Server Status Board) Fail to file on Expert, I report ya and those in compliance should follow my lead. Peer pressure is an excellent educator!)

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Really nice idea, that happened to me so many times.

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You should probably read the post all over again. I’m not asking for an option to delete everything or delete certain fixes. I’m asking for an undo button. What I am trying to say is that what if you accidentally deleted all of the fixes and waypoints by pressing that direct flight plan (bow and arrow). You now only have one waypoint. Instead of starting all over, you could press the undo button, which basically makes you go back in time to get your flight plan with many waypoints back.