Undeveloped Airports

This might sound like a weird question, but are the airports not the same as they were posted on the Global Airport tracking thread?

I like most of you went to take off at my favorite airports like KBNA and KGSO and was unimpressed with what I found. KGSO for example, had only 4 spawn points, 2 if which were FBO. Mean while in real life, the airport has 2 airline terminals and is the MidAtlantic Hub for FedEx. I know I looked up on the website (can’t remember the name) that had all the airports listed and saw the outline for these airports complete and not missing things like these? Just curious what it is.

Great work the new update. Love the new graphics! Thanks for the help.

Yes GSO really disappointed me. It’s my local airport and it’s a really nice airport. Hopefully it will be fixed


Same for BWI… Multiple terminals with tons of gates and only like 6 spawn points!

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You’re all welcome to join the editing team. http://airportediting.com/


Airports aren’t updated that often (will become more frequent in the future), which is why you might see some airports that have been updated in the airports repository but not yet within the app.

And as always, you can join the airport editing team and rework your home airport if you so desire. Nothing’s stopping you. The airport editing project is solely voluntary. :)