Underutilised Features

Hey fellow pilots! I’ve noticed some features built into Infinite Flight that many of us rarely use, including myself. It would be awesome if we could explore and take advantage of these features when we can to get the most out of our flying experiences.

  • VFR, in general
    This isn’t much of a surprise, as most of us love the set-and-forget-ness of IFR flying.

  • VOR/NDB navigation
    I’ll be honest, I’ve only used these forms on navigation a handful of times.

  • Formation Flying (Flight of XX)
    I don’t think I have ever seen this used (excluding casual and training servers, of course)

  • Transitions at controlled airports
    It’s only an additional ATC request but it might be a nice way to spice it up before coming inbound for a landing.

I think it’s pretty clear if it isn’t used by the airliners most people simply ignore it.

I would love to hear what other features you all think just don’t get used by a majority of users. Just a reminder, this isn’t a feature request thread.


That’s probably due to the lack of high-definition satellite imagery and general aviation aircraft (compared to commercial aircraft). I don’t find it interesting to fly VFR when the terrain is of low quality.

This is quite interesting to learn. I’ve been using IF to explain some concepts to my classmates in my air navigation course. Really helpful!


I’ll love to know how close those touchdowns were during landing. You must have some highly skilled pilots. 😊

You could always fly at night and take advantage of the stars. Granted, you would have to develop some knowledge of astronomy. Good luck finding info on it now that we have STARs.

Add that to the list: Celestial Navigation


Some of us truly love GA. My most flown aircraft last year was the Daher. (I don’t have to say which one, because that’s life in the IF GA community.) It is fun to practice in all sorts of aircraft, in all sorts of situations — and I love VOR and NDB navigation; any navigation. Set it and forget it bores me. Still interested in joining military refueling users, but I don’t have time to interact and search.

Good topic. Mix it up, people. Fly by instrument with your “virtual hood” on, and no autopilot. Try it in really a bad weather, like what they had in No Cal yesterday. If you want a rush, fly the E-175 with the joystick I am using. Have fun.


Go join the GAF this is common there

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You sure, go fly in the Caribbean


No doubt it is done by some players, but overall it is used very little. Therefore, underutilised.

(Nice photo btw)

My point exactly! Most of these features are forgotten about by most as they aren’t apart of the standard LAX - JFK flight. Great to hear that you’ve mixed it up.


EGLL Expert server 😉


I agree with what @Ethan_Brown demonstrates with his photo. I’m constantly being awed by VFR scenery I encounter, and all over the world. And I seek it out.

The LA basin, Hawaii, Outback and Coastal Australia and the South Pacific, Salt Lake City, Idaho, Peru, Guatemala, Hong Kong etc.

And Arizona where I used to fly irl. I’m always doing VFR there, recognizing places I’ve known. And haven’t known, like what’s behind a mountain I had never been beyond.

I was recently checking out the truly massive patchwork oasis of agricultural fields along the Colorado River near Yuma. You have this river of green rectangles in the middle of the stark desert stretching as far as the eye can see, the main source of lettuce in the US.

Perhaps the VFR scenery could get highlighted more, because the IFR type flying is so much fun with the available features, it’s sometimes easy to forget how much is down below.


Done it dozens of times. Cheers.

Also, one of the first things I did when IF went global was circumnavigate in a 172 from Sydney westbound. Talk about some weather.

It’s only really useful if if you actually have people to fly with

Which most don’t have

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