Underused livery’s in infinite flight

Hey guys I just wanted to share with you guys some of the most underused livery’s in the game that I feel should be given some more attention. Especially since my VA needs some more of these livery’s ( I know you guys are probably gonna flag this and call me out for using one va term so please don’t)

  1. Libyan Airlines. The Libyan airlines Livery is probably one of the most underrated and underused livery in the game. I don’t know why. The golden tail is so beautiful as well as the golden text. I feel like people should use this livery more and appreciate it as it is probably one of the only if not only Airline that has a golden tail.


Here’s a shot of it landing at Tripoli (HLLT)

  1. Afriqiyah airways. Afriqiyah Airways is the second livery that is pretty underused. It’s a pretty good livery. It’s not as great as the Libyan Airlines livery but I think it is still pretty good. I also use the livery for my VA.

Here she is…

Here she is buttering at Tripoli…

So in conclusion I believe these livery’s should be given some more attention and maybe add more of these livery’s to more of the aircraft.

Let me know about your thoughts!


Nice pictures, but you must remove the name tag to avoid violating any #screenshots-and-videos rules.🙂


Didn’t even know we had a Libyan Airlines livery - learn something new everyday I guess!


Thanks for the reply. What do you mean by tags?

Haha yes the Libyan airlines livery is pretty underused and unknown sometimes. Glad you learned it existed. 🙂

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He means the tag that say “airplane” which can be seen in photos #2 and #4. You can remove this by going into settings—>live or by using the screenshot function in the replay mode.


Ohh thanks! Never knew how to remove them, they bothered me.

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Great pictures! You had me at the Libyan A320

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Haha yes the Libyan airlines always gets me. It’s so unique and beautiful!

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Nice pictures! 👍

I didn’t see much people use the Omni Air International livery on either the DC-10 or Boeing 777-2(ER). I always use this on Middle East hops through Military bases which is quite fun.

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Yes Omni air is also another great airline. Wish more people were spread out in infinite flight especially in the Middle East!