Underused Liveries & Aircraft

I was wondering and this a honest opinion but I wanted to do flight with a plane nobody flys that they hate and the airline

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Is that a question?

Or can you restate the questions or topic?


I think he wants to make a #live:events for underused aircraft & airlines in IF.

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Please be more specific explaining what you want to know

I think what he is asking is…

Out of all the airlines, he wants to find out one that everyone or a lot of people hate, and then fly that airline on one of their flights, but I am not sure

Not a event

Your kinda there cause I’m saying that I want to do a flight on a airline and aircraft everybody absolutely hates like one can be a 757 allegiant or like one that it is forgotten

I am confuzled

The Spitfiree MK VIII is a forgotten aircraft nobody flies for a really long time. The American Champ is also Another one. Some few old retro liveries in the DC-10 and MD-11 are rarely used too.

I hope this is what you are looking for…

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Thanks that helped when I want to fly a forgotten one but right now I’m wondering what aircraft and airline people hate like the 757 allegiant a lot of people think of it as “ugly” so I would want to know if there’s anymore

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You want plane nobody likes flying!?! This belong in feature category.

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That’s what I am saying, there is no such thing as everybody hates it.

This link

Most people will use FPL to IF to create flightplans. you can use that same website and can go on sever stats( the link is provided above) you can check what is the most popular aircraft and check which airplane and livery people are flying with.( See pic below as an exmaple) i hope it answers your queastion (s)


Fly the Kendell CRJ-200

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