understanding violations and landings

Mine is 0.87
is lower better? or is higher better i don’t understand i’m sorry!

The lower it is the better you are! This was brought in soon after Global was released as prior in order to rank up all you needed was flight hours, XP and total landings however this wasn’t a true reflection on your skill as a pilot.

A good pilot has less violations in a given time for number of flights shown and best way to show this on the app is to show total number of violations divided by total number of Landings made to give you a ratio.

For example if you have 100 violations and 100 landings then the ratio is 1. 50 violations and 100 landings is 0.5 whilst 10 violations and 100 landings is 0.10.

As you improve as a pilot you will get less violations and your landing count will go up and he ratio will decrease. It’s not foolproof but it is a good way to indicate your skills as a pilot.

Happy landings

What would be 0.50?

That could be a combination of numbers, for example:

100 landings and 50 violations: 0.50 (50 divide by 100 = 0.50)


500 landings and 250 violations: 0.50 (250 divide by 500 = 0.50)

It can be any pairs of numbers in which if the violations are divided by the landings, the answer is 0.50.


I still don’t undetstand i have 34 violations (i left the house on a long haul flight and i was overspeeding) and 39 landings, how many more landings do i need to get 0.50 or below

Take your violations, double it, that is the number of landings you need to have.

Violations (12 mo) 34
Double it x 2
= 68
Subtract Current landings (12 mo) - 39
You need this many more landings to ready 0.50 = 29

- This assumes you do not obtain ANY new violations.


omg i’m so dumb. sorry

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