Understanding VA/VO History

I have only been apart of the community for quite a short time and I happened to create a VA with @Samuel_Szeto

I was curious of why many other VA’s/VO’s failed. I’m sure that some of the gurus of IFC will remember and I am sure that this will help to improve all VA’s and VO’s of IF.

I always say that you learn more from failure than you do from success.

So, Enlighten Me.

The best thing to do is PM one of the IFVARB admins, @DeerCrusher or @BluePanda900 . There might be disclosed information but I am sure they would be happy to share some info with you.

Happy Landings!

Most VA’s switched from Slack to Discord then became highly inactive and just feel apart.

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Uhm if you do a little bit of digging, you can find that most old VA’s went inactive because, well, they just went inactive.

Adding onto @Delta_Alpha_Lima post: (This is from one of your earlier topics)

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A lot of things look good on paper and when it stars out it proves to be more work than anticipated to manage it. Some VAs have ranking systems, flight tracking, communication methods all that need constant supervision. Then you have immature people who sneak in and ruin it for the others.

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Thank You for that! I was hoping to hear it from possible old members of those VA/VOs to get their POV to understand how it felt as a member.

As mentioned before, please pm a VARB admin with these queries rather than creating a topic.

To answer your question, many VAs fall apart due to lack of activity, effort and for other internal reasons. I will not get into specifics here and will keep any responses as broad as possible.

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That information is best shared over a PM and not here in the public forum. I suggest contacting those members.

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Please contact an IFVARB admin for more information. No need to air dirty laundry of inactive VAs publicly.