Understanding Unicom

Hey everyone!

After receiving several requests, here is a tutorial on understanding Unicom. I explain what it is, what it is used for, and when to use it. This video tutorial simply covers the basics. I know that there will be many that already understand and know how to use Unicom, but keep in mind that we have a lot of new members joining every day and they may not be as familiar.

Feel free to post any questions or comments below that are relevant to this video tutorial. Also, post any tutorial requests.

Happy and Safe Landings!


and people will still freak out when an airport goes into unicom


Finally long over due good job.

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I’m not critising this tutorial I think it’s great but I always try to follow the taxi lines and make sure my front landing gear is perfectly aligned is this just pointless then?


Good one mark. Even I learned somethings in that.

Nice tutorial Mark. I noticed that you armed the spoilers after touchdown. Is this because the nose slams down with the spoilers in the A320 series?

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LOL, no. It’s because I forgot to arm them when I lowered my gear. #oldage #multitasking


and one else read

understanding unicorns

Try describe LAX at Playground with Unicom :O


Thank you so much. Tired of people not being able to understand instructions on Unicom

@Mark_Denton… Another fine presentation. (At some point tou might remind folks if your on the ground and hear a "Fight Advisery"call good airmanship & common courtesy dictates a response. Without ATIS a response reduces workload.) Do good work, Regards Max

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Yet another great tutorial, thank you @Mark_Denton!! I appreciate your hard work on those tutorials!
You made me extra happy with the explanation to turn on the strobes, when entering/crossing the runways! 👏🏼

If more pilots would use the strobes correctly, i. e. not during parking or taxiing on taxiways, it would improve realism a bit more 😎

That means your back and could go off the taxiway. You want your center of rotation (the point of the plane you rotate around) to be following the taxiway


I know that but when taxiing in a straight line it will be anyway so all that’s left is for your nose gear to be aligned. When turning you have to turn wide anyway.

Great tutorial! Cleared something up I’ve had backwards for years. I had mixed up the downwind and base legs for such a long time (oops). All from a Unicom tutorial!



I thought this was a recent topic until I saw the date…

Thank you @Mark_Denton for your amazing tutorials… ✌️Kudos to the developer team to come up with crazy ideas, good to know the game is build with considering real life scenarios.