Understanding the different graphics settings

Can someone explain the difference between

  1. Rendering Quality
  2. Rendering Resolution
  3. Texture Quality

I want to optimize my flying experience by turning the settings up high enough to where the scenery and aircraft look good without having to have all three on high, but because I don’t understand what each setting does exactly, it’s hard to decide which ones are actually important to me.

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The way I understand it is

1. Rendering quality The quality of the aircrafts, and scenery loaded

2. Rendering resolution This is the viewable resolution the above is presented as

3. Texture quality Is the quality of the airport, and aircraft lines.

Antialiesing Also plays a role in the last one

I’m sure someone else can better explain it though.


Here is a picture which will give you more insight about antialiasing.


So I’m trying to understand the difference between quality and resolution. Resolution is simply the PPI/DPI, but then how does low quality make a high resolution image look worse?

And I understand antialiasing thanks! That one is fairly easier to understand :)

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