understanding tfrs

Are there any video tutorials explaining TFR’S / NOTAM ?

He’s referring to TFRs, not TAFs.

A TFR (temporary flight restriction) in regards to infinite flight, is set for airports that require specific restrictions (in most cases for FNF). For example, say the featured airport at an FNF is KLGA. This airport has KEWR and KJFK, both major airports, in its vicinity. Some people (who seem to enjoy short inner city hops in A380s) like to take off from airports in the area to cut in the arrival line. This leads to Approach having to work them into their already huge line of arrivals, and it’s stressful. So, the brilliant solution is to issue a TFR over the area to restrict aircraft from flying to/from those airports. These are enforced by ghosting.

There are different types of TFRs, most are used for FNF but there are 3 that are always present at KEGE, KASE, and VNLK (size restrictions). To read the NOTAM attached to the TFR, just tap on it in game and you can read the specific information it has.

Also, to answer your original question, no, there are not online tutorials for this subject.


If you want to see how is applied in real world, here is the link. Federal Aviation Administration - Graphic TFR's

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