Understanding Missing Airports

One of my favorite airports I’ve ever flown into is Shangri-la Airport in the Yunnan Province in China. I can’t find it on SkyVector or other services but it definitely exists.

Here’s the Wikipedia link.

It’s a back taxi airport that sits at about 10,000’. The Airport does show up in Great Circle Mapper.

Here’s a landing video on YouTube as well.

I guess my ultimate question is why wouldn’t it show up in normal databases? It makes sense that it wouldn’t in IF if it’s not showing up other places too. Anyone have any insight?


Well it’s on Flightradar24. The airport is pretty cool though, looks new. Good photo and interesting topic.

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I’ve started a World Tour and I used an airport (ZPLJ) close to this one to still simulate the region, feel, difficulty etc. It’s about 3000’ less in elevation but I’m still looking forward to flying through this area of the world.

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