Understanding METARs Part 5 (Sky Conditions)

Hey everyone!

This week’s tutorial continues with the METARs series where I cover Sky Conditions and how to read them as well as how they are recorded. It’s important to understand know about the “ceiling” and how to decipher the codes, especially when flying VFR.

Hope this helps everyone have a better understanding of METARs. Post any questions or tutorial requests below.

Happy and Safe Landings!


Thank You Mark! Looking forward to watching this episode!

Thank you!

Getting bored of METARS

Thanks Mark really appreciate this work . I understood th Metar after watched your tutorials 👏👌

are there clouds in IF? if so I’ve never seen any :(

Thanks for this!

I want real atmospheric weather, like 200kt tailwinds flying through the jet stream! Maybe w global? :)


Oh, this would be awesome!

Don’t watch it then. Simple. :)

Great video, Mark! 👍


I assent saying is a bad video i was just saying that he could do something else instead of just doing metars

Well don’t worry. I’m pretty sure Mark will release different tutorials soon. :)

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He did not point out that you said it’s a bad video either.

I think the METAR is one of the most essential things when it comes to flight planning.
If you’re really bored of them, you may check out the dozens of other videos Mark made.

You can learn a lot by them.


Nice tutorial!

maybe a new tutorial could be how to use APPR, correctly and how to taxi at night, when we don’t have any taxi lights? thx mark!