Understanding METARs Part 2

Hey everyone!

In continuation of the Understanding METARs video series, here is Part 2 where I cover the first 2 sections. If you remember, in Part 1 I covered the basics of how to read METARs. The remaining videos in this series will be to break it down in 1-2 sections at a time to cover more of the content in each video. Hope that you find these videos helpful. Stay tuned for the rest of the series to follow soon!

Please post any questions or tutorial requests below.

Happy and Safe Landings!


I kind of like these. I am fully familiar with METARs in Europe so it’s fun learning about those in the US.

Nice video, Mark. This will help some people out.

Thanks for the video Mark! Your videos help a lot of people out, keep it up!

Great video, Mark! Hopefully everyone will understand Zulu time now. :)

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