Understanding holding marks correctly

I just watched a video about taxiway markings on ground and i realised I havent been following these rules and I think most of us can agree that hold marks are actually different.

The first one is the holfing mark which we can just before entering a runway. Two solid and two dashed lines. I think all of us know this marking

But then we have critical holding position sign. ils
You should hold short on critical holding position when visibility is low and more precisely when visibility is only 2 miles.

So I just want fellow pilots to read this and in the future follow these rules. Probably in expert server we can see people following this.

Thanks for reading!


There’s a tutorial about airport markings.

You learn something new every day I guess

The first one is called the CAT III holding point. This is placed to avoid disrupting the ILS beam during Low Viz Operations.

The second one, nearest the runway, is the CAT I holding point and is the one you will ‘normally’ be cleared to for normal operations. If ATC clear you to the ‘hold point’ for a runway then it is inherent that they mean the CAT I unless otherwise stared.


@Yuan_Tugo I’ve always wondered what that meant

I seems here’s someone who knows it even better :D

What does CAT III, II and I mean?

It denotes the weather limits that are in use for landing.

CAT I is standard visual approach weather.
CAT II is visibility below approx 600m where Low Visibility Procedures would normally be in place but manual landings can still be carried out.
CAT III is automated landings in visibility down to 75m.

The reason you have displaced holding points and yellow and green centre line lights is that there is a protected zone for the ILS which is there to stop vehicles and aircraft interfering with the beam during critical CAT III autolands.

The airfield, aircraft and crew have to be suitably qualified to operate to certain limits. A recurrent is required every year for CAT III operations.


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