Understanding ATC

Hi. Thanks for checking this out. Last night, I had a flight from EGLL on the (Expert Server). I was cleared for takeoff and i mentioned i’d be heading north to the active ATC. A couple minutes after climbing out, I checked my flight plan and i found out i could save a couple hours if i head south, I was almost outside the EGLL Tower Rader,

and turning south would mean heading back to the airport region, I was at 6,700ft and 9 nautical miles to the airport, I contacted the ATC for TRANSITION and i got the ““Please check tutorials on the forum for assistance using atc instructions””. That has left me wondering what i could have done wrong, Was i supposed to continue with my flight over an active airport without requesting transition? I would be glad to hear from someone as it would help me if it ever happens again.


well you should of realised before takeoff and said “disregard last message” and say ur departing south instead

You only need to request transition at or below 5000 ft AGL.


Here you go look up transition


Hi Brandon, I looked it up. Thanks

It looks like you were asked to change frequency then continued to send messages.

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I figured it out. Thanks everyone

Usually, it’s better to just say “departing straight out” when you are unsure what direction you will be going in.

No, departing straight out means you are going to fly runway heading until you leave the airport airspace.


The question has been answered [transition altitutude], please stop muddying the waters with guesses. That is just confusing to the OP.


It’s only till you leave the ILS final line, not the entire airspace. Also @Tim_B, this is a relevant discussion to the post because the OP says he sent a message for departing north when his intention changed to departing south, so I sent this in case if he is unclear next time of what direction he is gonna take when he is taking off.

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The question was “why the Check Help?”

The answer: Transition altitude.


@Shirey07 . MaxSez: The Only Pilot Error here was his reguest for Transition. Controlled Airspace at EGLL is Surface to 040AGL. He was at 067AGL as stated well above ATC’'s area of responsibility or control. At 9miles he was outside Controlled Airspace when he made his incorrect Transition request, At the time in this episode he was released from EGLL AOI by the ATC XMit “ Freq Chg Approved” Pls keep in mind the Rings displayed on an Aeronautical Chart define Controlled Airport. The ILS cone noted here is a construct, not displayed on an Aero Chart. The Pilot was a free agent, he could of overflown Heathrow enroute unemcombered. Lesson here Pilot check the Chart note Controlled height. .The Check Tut’s Call is questionable.(This Transmition is in need of refinement, what do you check for?). G’day


Just ghosted on final Into eddf the controller told me to go around I did what he told me to do he asked me twice to do and I acknowledged it I don’t get it i was getting out of the pattern

@Joeoreilly77… Screen Shoot,Contact Controller Involved by PM. if TS-1 FAGETBOUTIT…

It was expert server I need to know what I did wrong I followed everything to the tee ghosted me while I was going around turning right to get out it of the pattern where a guy was I final ?

Were you told to go around just before being ghosted?

Yeah and I followed what he told me

And what did you mean by “getting out of the pattern”?

I was on final 25 R someone in front of me and then I was told to go around instead I think I should have been told to do a right 360 for spacing then I got ghosted he said it to me twice

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