Understanding Approach Frequency

I know you, like me love it when people think they’re right but actually are more off than @JoshFly8 during a landing.


Look the fact is we don’t have clearance delivery… meaning we don’t have IFR (properly). Thats why IF have broken it apart into flight following… radar vectors etc.

If you want radar vectors on departure go for it! It’s basically like IFR.


I asked approach for flight following to Tacoma but then he gave me radar

FF is only allowed if you’re in a GA aircraft. (i.e.: C172)

Wrong it’s granted to anyone flying VFR

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And VFR can still be given vectors for traffic.


How about you try to make a respectful opionion instead of telling us how to do our job. If you were an approach controller for IFATC, then you would have a right to tell us what the “correct” procedure is. Otherwise, it’s just plain insulting.

Hate to burst your bubble, but on top of being rude, your post is just plain wrong. Approach controllers do often work approach and departure, and they do give vectors. Next time, please make sure you know what you’re talking about.

And just so you know, I am an approach qualified controller for IFATC, so I do know what I’m talking about.


Ok, I didn’t know that

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B[quote=“BSPPRO, post:1, topic:69330”]
I’m going to tell the pilots and IFATC about how the approach frequency works.

MaxSez: Been with us 2 months and your gonna school us are ya @BSPPRO! Let’s set some ground rules on this type topic shall we; for future reference hearsay don’t get it only the facts supported by reference. On ATC keep in mind IF Fly’s and controlled by IF rules which on the most part are modifications of the US AIM directives. IF ATC rule unlike the AIM are not written or published there’re made up as the system grows to fit the IF universes. So every answer is right in the eye’s of the beholder. Don’t try to mix real world with IF world to closely just flow with it. Just Sayin FNG!


This has run its course. Make sure that your information is relevant and correct before posting such a topic like this.