Understanding airport lighting

I know that there are tons of airport lighting, but I want know about some of the lights that I can not figure out what to do when ever I see them. Like this is a example of one of the lights idk about I know it
The ones on the runway but not off the runway like this one.

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That’s an airport beacon.


I am not completely sure but I think that is the Airport Beacon.

Oh so it helps you know it is active?

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I think it’s on all the time, not just when the airport’s being controlled.


Oh thanks for the info

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It’s a visual aid for pilots. It basically tells you the location of an airport which is especially useful at night.


Like what the others say, airport beacon. The beacon is on in IFR or at night.

Also the color code is to identify the airport… green/white=civil airport, green/white/white=military airport, white/red I think is hospital helipad… something like that.

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@American_Ranger… Ranger, Google is your friend. Here’s a “Wikileaks’s” extract.
" An aerodrome beacon or rotating beacon is a beacon installed at an airport or aerodrome to indicate its location to aircraft pilots at night.

“An aerodrome beacon is mounted on top of a towering structure, often a control tower, above other buildings of the airport. It produces flashes similar to that of a lighthouse. Airport and heliport beacons are designed in such a way to make them most effective from one to ten degrees above the horizon; however, they can be seen well above and below this peak spread. The beacon may be an omnidirectional flashing xenon strobe, or it may be an aerobeacon rotating at a constant speed which produces the visual effect of flashes at regular intervals. Flashes may be of just a single color, or of two alternating colors.” Continue the text in Wiki for color codes, flash sequence etc"

(Suggest you download the free publication “The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” its free from faa.com…)