Underserved Routes Part 1: @FMMI 210000ZDEC19

This group flight is part of a series of underserved routes I will occassionally post here to fly with others.

For the first installment, we will be flying from Antanarvio, Madacascar to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Flight Information

  • Route: TNR-JNB (Antanarvio-Johannesburg)

  • Airline: South African Airways

  • Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

  • Time of Departure: 2019-12-22T00:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert

  • Departure Runway: 11
  • Arrival Runway: 03L
  • Flight Time: 2h 50m
  • Cruise Altitude: FL340

Fuel, passenger count, and cargo amounts are at your discretion.

I hope to see you fly with me!

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What a shame, would’ve loved to join😶

Good luck

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