The MD11 is a little underrated in IF haha. I see almost nobody using it so I decided to fly my own route with the MD11 alongside @FedExVirtual .

Other notes
I’ve decided that I’ll be increasing my spread on the IFC by uploading a photo collage of my adventures (pun not intended :P) weekly. starting from next week I’ll be posting every Monday of every week of my journey on routes. I’ll post what my next route will be at the end of each thread. I hope you enjoy my photos!


My next route: KSEA - RKSI

Thank you for looking at my photos!


The mountains got roasted,

But beautiful pictures

The market always regulates itself


Excellent photographs! I indeed agree with you the md-11 is severely underrated however I’d crash every time if I tried to fly it without APPR 😂

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I love the MD11, is one of the best aircraft in IF. The wings views are amazing. We only need a better cockpit


Live cockpit and that aircraft would get a lot more of love

The MD-11 is not underrated. It still gets plenty of action. But I do love the pictures!

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I fly with a phone so it makes it a little easier haha. But thank you!

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All I have are my phones 🤣