Underrated places/airports

Is really undestandable that the majority of the costumers are from the US and Europe, and loves flying to it’s favourite hubs (and airports) such as LHR, LAX, JFK, etc. I know that it can be it’s home airports. But, the point of this topic is about the ignorance and/or unknowledge of important airports around the Globe. Some of the most beautiful places are underrated and/or ignored.

I know that some pilots goes to some airports because it’s in their home country. But, what about exploring other countries? What about exploring new cities? What about… enjoying the views of the mountains, rivers and more? It can be heartbreaking.

Again, I understand that you may like going to some airport frequently because is your home airport, your favourite airport, etc.

To conclude this, I’d like to invite to explore new contries, new places, new cities, and eventually, new airports. You can take an opportunity to explore something new, and have more knowledge of the airports in the world. You can check the events, group flights and eventually, the ATC schedule. Go ahead and try it.
Let’s have a good and civilized discussion. That could be great :)

Cheers mates, happy landings :)

All of this is related to IF. Don’t get confused to the #real-world-aviation


People can and always will fly where they want. That’s the beauty of this sim. However I would agree that there are many underrated places. Its a beautiful world out there, go explore it.


Long list tbh…


Amman Queen Alia International,
Flown there a few times IRL, but the reason I’m recommending it here is because it is one of the most underrated. There are many airports that are underrated like @anon52720224 said, but this has got to be one of the most, along with many other airports in the Middle East, apart from Dubai or Doha !
Nice to fly into

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GA airports are underrated. Every. Single. One.

No matter the country, wether it be the US, Italy, Brazil, or somewhere else, GA airports are the most underrated airports. Especially the uncontrolled fields and grass airstrips, those things are so neglected sometimes.


I agree too, why not grabbing your XCub (underrated aircraft) or a GA aircraft and fly everywhere?


I’m one of the few who tends to fly GA more than airliners, sad that I hardly see anyone else flying into the small airstrips that I do.


I’ve always loved flying in some underrated regions. Sometimes it feels good to just be the only one there, but yes, I do agree we need to spread out more. Anyways some of my favorite underrepresented regions are:

  • Balkans- whether you’re flying from Western Europe to anywhere in Greece/Turkey wherever your route takes you or landing at the unique airports, it’s always bound to be a scenic experience. There are some airports like Tivat that have the most picturesque approaches I’ve ever seen.
  • South Chile- This is one of my favorite areas of South America. The Andes are snow-capped and there are beautiful turquoise lakes everywhere. That’s the beauty of Mother Nature, right? Recommend airport- SCCI (Punta Arenas)
  • Central Asia- Ranging from Turkmenistan to Tibet, there’s always something visually pleasing about the scenery and mountains. Some of the highest airports in the world are located here. Honestly speaking, I’ve only recently started flying here more and I’ll continue to do so.

There’s more I’d love to list, but this is just a starter. I like to think that a good way to advocate for more exploration is by recommending airports within scenic regions.

My home airport is JFK, so yeah I have the most operations from there and always will, and I’ve got a personal connection to Ecuador as well, so I’m heavily involved there. I guess people love their home country for their familiarity and for personal reasons, so I can understand their views.


Yes, we need to get out of the Hubs and explore more. If you always go to JFK (for example), you’ll get bored and you’ll leave the game in some time. More places we go, more fun is the sim

Hamoantota Mattala Rajapaksa (VCRI), Sri Lanka
Zhengzhou Xinzheng (ZHCC), China
Shijiazhuang Zhengding (ZBSJ), China
Luang Prabang (VLLB), Cambodia
Hohhot Baita (ZBHH), China
Chongqing Jiangbei (ZUCK), China
Lijiang Sanyi (ZPLJ), China
Imphal (VEIM), India
Mazar-i-Sharif (OAMS), Afghanistan

Tuzla (LQTZ), Bosnia Herzegovina

(not mentioning russia cuz I know @Igor_M gonna spam Russia and Central Asia here)

Pretty much anything except HECA and FACT but the most beautiful are
any airport in Libya,
Ouagadougou DFFD, Bobo Dioulasso DFOO, Burkina Faso
Niamey DRRN, Niger
Yaoundé Nsimalen FKYS, Cameroon (thanks to @GBKarp)
Walvis Bay FYWB, Namibia
Bangui (FEFF), Central African Republic
Lomé Tokoin (DXXX), Togo
Bamako Senou (GABS), Mali
Kindu (FZOA), Kisangani (FZIC), Goma (FZNA), DR Congo
São Tomé (FPST), São Tomé and Principe
Antananarivo (FMMI), Madagascar

Latin America and Caribbean
Any airport in Cuba
Juan Santamaria (MROC), Costa Rica
Cuzco (SPZO), Peru


That’s happening now. Exploring new places means more fun and less chances to get bored of the sim


Tbf you should have made a topic of airports that I hate to fly to lmao

This topic is to discuss about the underrated airports. :)

no, i’d rather save myself the pain


Personally I think London Heathrow (EGLL) is very underrated :)



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Seriously? It always has +15 inbounds

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Yes :) There’s very little traffic there compared to real life and besides, who doesn’t want to fly around the beautiful London area :DDDDD

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Personally, I think RPLL (Manila, Philippines) is fairly underated, usually it has 1-3 inbounds and never more unless IFATC is involved.

At EGLL, there’s over 15+ aircraft incoming… In Every Server.