Underrated/Overrated Airlines... MY OPINION

Delta for sure is not underrated. Probably the best or one of the best reputations in the USA.

Skytrax does rate Delta quite poorly for whatever reason, but I LOVE Delta personally

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Same here

Skytrax is…Not a very good source imo

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Qantas and Qatar Airways both have friendly staff, are always helpful, service is amazing, seats are amazing (even their economy is fantastic) and there couldn’t be any airlines to match their services.

American Airlines is good internationally, the best flight i’ve had with AA is Sydney to Los Angeles for a trip to the US. But their domestic flights are terrible I mean they were unkind to a person because their baby was screaming so they kicked them off. (they offered my grandma an upgrade to First after those people were kicked out) But still I saw how American treats their customers domestically and I would not want to be one of them even if they upgrade my family. I will only travel with American Internationally which would probably almost never because I live in Autralia.

Let’s keep on track here please y’all. Let’s not get off topic

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I’m sorry WHAT?! How dare you! Fear my wrath!

The only reason I am mad about that is because I got a lot of contacts within Alaska Airlines, and you know. Hardcore fans gotta represent.

Suprised by that, Alaska is actually pretty good considering I’ve only travelled with them twice

My opinion. Don’t have to agree just my opinion of what my experience was like


yep everyone has opinions

Oh its fine, I was just joking with you. @N1DG

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And your entitled to your opinion. I was just memeing there.

Well they’re definitely not a “5-star” airline, but they are pretty amazing. Lufthansa’s business class definitely sucks, but their premium economy and economy products are pretty consistent in a good way. I flew them 8 times just last year, and they’re both affordable and great in terms of service and the seats. They have been making some changes, but they’re still pretty good.

For me, the most overrated airline has to be Alaska. 5-hour delay with them, a cancellation, then a rush to San Francisco from San Jose, and in return: an $11 Starbucks voucher compared to a $60 Uber. Very useful. Their product isn’t even that great… the seats are pretty uncomfortable unless you’re flying on one of their Virgin America interiors which is fading away pretty quickly. There’s really no service onboard even for some transcontinental flights compared to United which does offer a breakfast or lunch for their economy plus passengers.

Most underrated for me would be United, best carrier in the world for me. Besides them, their partners such as Air Canada and Lufthansa are also amazing, and you can expect great service basically every time. Anytime someone mentions United, they’d automatically thing of past incidents, but I think that people should also see how much the airline has improved over the past couple years. Seats are great, they have a new business class (though their old one on the 787 is amazing), and they even have premium economy now. Also one of the only airlines to serve a meal on a transcontinental flight in economy, and they have lots of new aircraft which makes the flights nicer.

I have flown Alaska Airlines in and out of San Jose (SJC/KSJC) quite a few times and I think they are fantastic! The employees are kind, the service was excellent, and they were on time for most of the flights we flew on with them

I feel like your incident was an isolated one

From a perspective of someone who lives on the East of the Atlantic.

Underrated : Austrian, Turkish, Kenya, Delta
Overrated: Lufthansa, Ethiopian.

Underrated: Spirit Airlines
Some might call me crazy but I’ve never had a bad time on a Spirit flight. Seats don’t recline but are comfortable (wouldn’t recommend for flying at night) and leg room was fine for me. Crew has been friendly every time, more so than when I fly Delta. You get exactly what you pay for. I always catch flak this opinion, especially with my family, but I’d fly with spirit almost any day.

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Lufthansa is definitely overrated. It’s definitely a good airline but it isn’t worth 5 stars.

Personally I think Virgin Australia is underrated. Its always been the airline overshadowed by Qantas but it looks like a very good airline!

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For someone who flies a lot for business I can say every airline is guaranteed to give you a bad experience, its the ones that give you multiple good experiences that count… These change… 10 years ago BA Club was great, now it’s antiquated… I flew American Business to Europe last year it was great… great crew, new plane, etc… I flew them this last Xmas in Economy with my family… and again the crew was great… (AA had a bad wrap for many years…) Last year I flew Jet Blue from Ft. Lauderdale to LA in MINT… and I say BEST domestic business class of all US Carriers… Delta is… meh…I’ve had good experiences on Alaska…BUT I sure do miss Virgin America. Tower Air… NEVER EVER, and thankfully not a choice… but years ago I flew from LA to NY on Tower as a young man going to visit my lady friend in NY, my dad drove me to the airport early in the AM to catch the flight, and said “Jees, hope it’s not one of those old Pan Am planes”… behold I sit in my seat and go to do my seatbelt and the Pan Am logo is visibly engraved before me… “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” worst airline EVER… but cheap, I suppose.

I think, Lufthansa also does not deserve 5 stars.

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i kinda already know jetblue can be overrated even though i only rode them twice to SJU from JFK

Just general advise:

Have low expectations from your flight you’ll think the flight is better. While it’s exactly the same as other flights