Underrated/Overrated Airlines... MY OPINION

Referring to @Jacob_Layton comments about AA’s delays-
Yes, it’s way more likely to be delayed from a large hub like DFW, but what about Delta and KATL? I fly there frequently and almost never experience delays. There will always be that one delay but it happened only twice. However, I also fly AA a good bit but they always seem to be delayed by almost an hour. My last 3 flights on AA have been delayed by over an hour, but that’s just my experience which very well might not show the overall quality. I respect your point.

not being rude. In my experience on flying with alaska airlines, they have never let my family or I down, that’s from my experience, i do agree with @anon38496261 where different crews and staff around the country could not as great as the rest at main hub airports, but Alaska to me is very much underrated


Everyone can have there own opinion. This was working with them for a month everyday… I did not have one one time flight and the one flight I had they were rude

Alaska sucks solely because they absorbed Redwood. No one can change my mind.


Interesting list. I would like to see someone, preferably an experienced traveler, come up with a overrated/underrated airline list for Europe.

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Overrated - Lufthansa, thanks to Skytrax.


On a different note, any airline that can get me to my destination, relatively on time, and cheap, is a win for me. Honestly it’s more about time and cost then service or anything like that for me

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As a CEO isn’t that how you want your company to function? Just like the pre-k kid who doesn’t follow the line, if an employee doesn’t uphold the standards of the company, you punish them.

Haven’t flown them so I don’t know how they are. One airline in Europe that’s not underrated but heavily criticised due to them being seen as ‘prestigious’ is BA. In my opinion they revive unnecessary criticism because of people’s expectations when they fly BA. My personal experience on BA has been brilliant.

Yes and no. There are many other airlines that I have worked with that are very more laxed on how things are done. For one with the other airlines I work with your allowed to tap the cargo hold once you secure it to make sure it’s closed. Can’t do that for Alaska

I flew on Lufthansa one time, which was long-haul in Economy. The experience was actually quite good, but going forward Lufthansa is making service cuts to their Economy and Premium Economy product.

Plus, the only reason why Lufthansa was rewarded a 5-star rating on Skytrax was because of their upcoming new Business Class product that hasn’t even rolled out yet.

Yes I do see your point, and to be truthful, American has been going through some rough patches ever since USAir bought them out. USAir has tried to buy DAL and UAL in the past. I don’t think they know how to run an airline as well as AA used to. They are also a more modern airline compared to AA, UAL, and DAL. So they haven’t been through as much. I also just hate seeing airlines go under. But yes, to Delta’s credit, they run the most on time airline out there.

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Underrated, I would say Ryanair. Seriously 5 quid for a flight from London Stansted to Edinburgh, I don’t care what they offer you!

I have yet to fly on JetBlue, so that’s a start for me.
I personally have flown Alaska once, and it was AMAZING!!! It was from KSFO-KSEA and the flight crew was the best! I am flying on them again in a few months (hopefully), and I am pumped up for that.

I also flew United just recently in all 3 of their 737’s in FC. Spectacular service! Can’t wait for the day I can fly on them again.

Let’s all please keep on topic! I don’t want to hear about your experience! I’m sharing my mine only

Honestly I couldn’t agree more. Budget airlines are so unappreciated that it annoys me. Not everyone is willing to drop $600USD on a 2hr flight with slightly better service. With a budget airline I’m able to to buy a round trip for $50-$80USD which justifies me not driving. Sure the seats might not be as comfortable compared to the likes of Delta or United, but if it gets me from A-B without problems then you’ll never hear me complaining.

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Exactly my point!

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Oh I am sorry I thought this was a shared thread and you can use nicer words then that

Just how I type. Meant no harm or rudenes

Overrated: Lufthansa, Qatar, Alaska
Underrated: Delta, Norwegian
But still the best: Singapore

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