Underrated/Overrated Airlines... MY OPINION

Hello IFC,

Today I will be sharing my thoughts and opinions on some airlines that I think are overrated and some that could be possibly underrated. I ask that you all please respect my opinion as this is just my thoughts only. So to start this all off we have a few overrated airlines to me.

Overrated: Alaska Airlines. Alaska has always been at the top of Startrax and many airline reviews based on their overall performance, Missed Luggage and amenities. While Alaska overall is a great airline, I think they are overhyped. I say this because as a ramper and a traveller there airbus fleet is really crappy. They are dirty, their staff are rude and overall need to be replaced. Also overall, their flights are delayed and never on time. Also as a company, Alaska Airlines, is very a babysit company meaning they want things a very specific way or else you can get written up.

Jetblue: The New York based airline. I flew them from Fort Lauderdale to Chicago. Let me begin on saying that I was very excited to fly on them. Our flight was supposed to take off at 930 pm local time but didn’t start boarding until 45 minutes after it was do in at 10:15 pm. Luckily boarding was quick so that’s a plus. We also had to change gates about a dozen times as well. The flight crew overall was fantastic but the airplane lacked IFE that was a bit disappointing as well as the service was nothing special to me. It felt like It was just on another airline.

Now for the underrated and for this one I just have one airline:

Underrated: Allegiant… But now some of you might say that’s biased you work for them… Now hold on. Just like you I too was skeptical and thought the same way about allegiant, until I took a flight with them and let me tell you, it was fantastic. Yes you have to pay for every little thing but guess what that’s okay. You’re going on vacation, you can afford it. My flight was heading to Fort Lauderdale from Memphis and let me tell you. My gf and I were the last ones on the plane but hey that’s non-rev life. The flight was on board a newer Airbus a320 with winglets. We departed on time and made it to FLL on time. Allegiant gets a bad rep for things in the past and you can’t judge an airline by its past. Another thing that was so great about the flight was the whole flight crew. They were all personable and had smiles on their face and were quite engaged with the passengers. So please before saying you’re never going to fly, Allegiant gives them a fair chance to make up your mind. They have a newer modern fleet of Airbus A319 and 320s.

Please be respectful in the comments. These are my opinions and my only. I’m not saying I won’t fly or work these airlines again. It is just what I made off with my first impressions. All offtopic or rude comments will be flagged.


Allegiant is a legend tier airline!


Nice topic.

Personally, from my experience, I do disagree with the Alaska rating. One of my cabin crews was kinda weird, but on the other hand, it was a night flight, so…

The check-in people and most cabin crews are always above and beyond though đź‘Ś

All of my flights have been on time and all the planes I’ve been in have been really really nice 👌

Just to be clear, I respect you and your opinions, just disagree with this one :)


That’s fine. I’m just talking about my personal experience with the airlines


Nice, yeah, I understand that. I guess some staff members in different places are better than others.

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I completely understand your opinions, and I respect them. Personally, I like Alaska and both of my flights with them were good. But hey, experiences between people and places are different, so I see where you’re coming from. Cool topic otherwise.


United: 3/4 flights delayed, one cancelled, moved us from our preferred seats when we paid extra for them. Easily overrated imo, but hey they got us to Koooonnnaaaaaa


I don’t like United, but UA longhaul, completely underrated (on the 764 at least).

Virgin Atlantic as well, no one really hates on them but I consistently see people saying BA is better.

Nobody’s overrated in my book. You get what you pay for on some, you get what you hear about on others. All good.

Here’s where I’m missing your point.

You say JetBlue is overrated because their IFE isn’t great and you were late, and yet your compliment for Allegiant is that the plane had winglets. (Considering both had good staff).

You said the same for allegiant except one is overrated and one is underrated?

Did allegiant give you a wide assortment of free snacks?

You’re completely entitled to your opinion but it seems that there is a bit of bias here. Some things were listed as negatives for one airline but positives for another?


I disagree, everyone hates UNITED! I think they are underrated, they have good crews, pilots, and policies, everyone hates on them lol.


I’m not biased as I said in my beginning this my opinion and 2 different business models for the airlines. With what I see on JBU I expectedly more from IFE. And no I had to pay for my snacks on Allegiant. Only thing I got free was a bottle of water

Please re read the topic… thanks

Ah whoopsie! It’s been a long day haha

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I gotta go with allegiant! they are so underrated and need more love!

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I totally agree on the whole Alaska Airlines having crappy A320’s. I think they should keep their Boeing fleet “Proudly All Boeing”. At least they’re getting rid of their A319’s and A320’s. Just not the A321’s though. But I have also had great service before on them too.

Also AA has a bad rap on them being delAAyed all the time, but when you go out of one of their hubs, and you fly with the World’s Largest Airline, you have a higher chance of being delayed. That’s just how it is. So you can take your chances, or fly another airline. It’s simple. Great topic idea too! I always like to see what other people’s opinions are!

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I assume because you expect that on JetBlue, Allegiant is totally no frills so the expectation is obviously set lower.

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Honestly, I agree that JetBlue is overrated. I’ve never had a single JetBlue flight that wasn’t delayed multiple hours (we’re talking 4+ here) or cancelled. Once they left me stranded at JFK airport until 5AM, and this was after I had just gotten off a long-haul with Air China. I had to book an Amtrak back home, and JetBlue didn’t even want to refund me. I got home after not having slept for 26 hours because JetBlue thought it would be great to delay their flight from 5PM to 5AM instead of just cancelling. Oh and by the way, they did eventually cancel the flight at 5AM. People were furious. 10/10 wouldn’t recommend, will not fly again.


I take issue with this in any instance. I would rather know what I’m paying for before hand, holiday or not, I don’t want any nasty surprises. And again, holiday or not, I am not going to throw money away. I along with Will wonder how Allegiant is better when the only thing they had going for them was better staff than Alaska and they were on time I gather. Can’t but notice that there was no mention of it being cheaper, if it wasn’t them it’s clearly inferior.

For the yanks I guess it’s like comparing Ryanair to BA, unless Ryanair is cheaper, there is absolutely no reason to take them.


Or, you fly them once regardless just to experience the RyanAir landing.

My opinions! And what I see and observe and my experiences! When people fly they should know what they pay for is what they get… you pay say 170 US dollars for a round trip on Allegiant than that customer should know that everything on the flight you’ll need to pay for vs a JetBlue flight where it could be that much each way. But see on JetBlue you know what your getting. You pay the more money bc you have a free carryon and free snacks as such

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