Underrated flights 6-12 hours

Hi I just can’t decide where I wanna fly tomorrow I’m looking for a 6-12 hour flight that isn’t very well know Id appreciate your help😃😃


Check out this community tutorial by @GBKarp it may help you!

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Seattle to Belize or vice versa. Alaska’s new route Around 5 Hours very rare route. KSEA - MZBZ

With the reworked 747-8, you can try Air Bridge Cargo routes out of Krasnoyarsk (UNKL). Destinations include Leipzig (EDDP), Hong Kong (VHHH) and Singapore (WSSS). All matches your requirements.

Munich to Cape Town is one of my most favorite as you fly over the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea and Africa with its beautiful scenery.
If you want to be realistic, you should fly the Lufthansa A359

We also have a few long hauls routes listed here, feel free to take a look :)


Perfect. Do LFPG FMCZ on Air Austral 788

Guam to Honolulu
or Sydney to Honolulu
Lots of aircraft options from the past and present

Warsaw to Male 787 LOT

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