Underrated ATC Locations

IMO, the best places to practice ATC (at least on Training Server) are airports with interesting runway configurations and a good deal of traffic, but that are just obscure enough that they don’t attract a lot of trolls (which rules out a few otherwise interesting locations like KSFO and KJFK).

So far these are my favorites…

EHAM: One of the most interesting runway layouts in the world. You can have aircraft moving in all different directions here. It’s also well positioned to draw short-haul flights to/from EGLL.

EGCC: Seems to punch above its weight in terms of traffic, also thanks to being close to EGLL. The runway configuration is deceptively simple but gets interesting if you use 23L for departures and make outbound traffic cross the runway. London Center is probably the most popular Center frequency, at least on Training Server, so it’s also relatively easy to get radar coverage here. A surprising number of pilots insist on landing on 23L and can’t figure out why they shouldn’t until the moment they land…

EIDW: Another one close to EGLL, and also close enough to London Center that you can sometimes hand traffic back and forth to them directly. Also has a deceptively simple layout but the cross runway gives it some strategic depth. You can use it as a back taxiway or run simultaneous operations from it. Noobs get 34 and 28L mixed up, which adds to the challenge for ATC.

KDCA: Small and fast-paced with three runways that cross each other, and close enough to draw a lot of traffic to/from KJFK. It’s a shame that IF doesn’t simulate the no-fly zone over the National Mall, which would make this a total blast to control. It’s still fun even with many pilots ignoring the real-world restrictions.

KBOS: Probably America’s craziest runway layout. I really wish more people would fly into this one. I also wish we could use a voice with a Boston accent.

RJTT: I enjoy juggling the two pairs of runways, although taxi times are long and pilots keep insisting on illegal or conflicting operations.

Good ones I’m missing?


Another couple I used for practice that I found good for single runway operations were VMMC and RCKH. They are both within reasonable distance of Hong Kong and Taipei which are big airports that could possibly promote traffic and because of the simple taxiway networks you do not have to really focus on ground movements, you can solidly work on the tower for practice.

If you want interesting runway layouts then YSSY is also quite good as you have possible runway crossings and VABB as well for intersecting runways.


I think in some cases CLT and KCHS, for the proximity to KATL, which based on my experience, has seen some trolls.


For training server atc I like to fly center because everyine in training server likes to go to the more popular airoprts (LAX, EGLL, etc), and most of the time they already have ground or tower. But these are some great airports aswell!


Some underrated atc locations could also include VABB which is alot of fun on busy days with only 1 runway in use and therefore have to wait for your turn to land. Another cool one in EGLL’s shadow is EGKK. Beautiful airport but EGLL is very close and therefore most of the traffic is attracted towards Heathrow.

I agree, KSFO would be amazing if it didn’t have trolls or people putting the 10’s and 19’s as their landing runways in their FPLs in good weather.

I also agree with RJTT. Airport layout is nice but I also find that the people who fly into there are more cooperative. I also feel the same way about VHHH but I think because I usually control when a VA flies in lol.

This was tough when i was on the IFATC training and this was before the new runway came out.
Love this airport though, in the game and in real life

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