Underrated airlines

Hi, just curious. Why there’s no Royal Brunei Airlines and Biman Bangladesh Airlines in Infinite Flight sim?

In fact there are plenty of big airlines that does not included in infinite flight.

Hopefully these two airlines will be included in the next updates.

Thank you

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Hey there!

You can show your support for these airlines on the following posts!

Hopefully we see them soon! Infinite Flight tries to include a lot of airlines from different countries based on community desire and their core market.



Here’s the open feature requests, that I could find, where you can submit a vote (the best way to hopefully see the livery added) or bump the thread. The developers do consider requests taken from #features and this can be seen from almost all the updates. However, if the demand isn’t there it reduces the chance of it being added but that’s not to say it’s impossible.

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Developers have added loads of big airline liveries. But in the end it ll comes down to their availability and the time it takes to make a good quality aircraft plus the livery.

Understood. But RBA and Biman has a lot of request to be featured in IF.

Well then keep hoping, it’s very likely that tons of new liveries will arise in the future.

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