Underground Airplane

Hey fellow pilots! I was just flying in the Denver region in the sr22. While I was about to land at one of the smaller airports, my plane just disappeared from sight!

can you find it?
Let me know if something likes this has ever happened to you!

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Did it go into the ground or does it show you the plane so small?

I’m pretty sure it went underground because no view(except free) can make it that small. And that was normal view.

Then it was corrupt files (a device restart and/or a reinstall should fix it) or you missed the RWY and crashed into the mountain…

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Thanks! I didn’t hit the mountain because the game did not say CRASH. 😄

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yeah that happened to me when i spawned on KUGU it made me fall into the center of the world lol!

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I’m going to try again. I just restarted my device. Wish me luck!

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Nope. 😕 Guess I just won’t fly there. It’s kind of like Lukla on approach. You’re in a mountain I think.

Try reinstalling the app then and report back.

Will do! I already tried restarting.

That happens of the other plane crashes. Or if he tries to get to space. I have the same problem. I also see airports through terrain. Reinstalling the app doesn’t help.

He’s right, it didn’t help. On short final, it just puts 0ft agl and then you either crash or sink. By the way, I flew at C047 by KEGE approach rwy 3.

This sometimes happens.

This is from earlier today:

Where was that? I’m guessing Southern California.

You can use it to get to Spaaaaaaace \•.•/

How do you do that? Just wait for a long time?

It’s a complicated glitch that’s probably getting patched in the next update

Colorado actually. The F-16 tends to do this sometimes.

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I actually think I saw that video a long time ago. If I remember correctly, you have to go to a certain airport. I don’t have pro, so do you know what I should do?

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