"Undercover" Staff for Training Server

This isn’t necessarily a feature, so I’m not putting it under the feature request category.

I believe we should have some undercover staff who just hang around busy airports on training servers. I know rules aren’t as strict there since of course, it’s a training server. (But certain rules should still be enforced)

I feel that things get out of hand more often than they should, and some people act like they are on the casual server. For example, I was controlling tower at KLAX a few minutes ago. Majority followed instructions but, there were a handful who didn’t. Some would land / takeoff without even being on my frequency, causing disruptions. Others would spam “stand by” and request takeoff even when they aren’t first in line. I reminded all of them multiple times, and they still do not follow. Players just enter the runway and takeoff without clearance… (happened multiple times)

It honestly irritates me when people act like they don’t care. The others try their best to follow and remain professional, so why can’t they?

Why do I want “undercover staff”? Well, I’m not part of IFATC so I couldn’t report those users who really went overboard despite warnings. If staff were around, those users may have been reported or given a warning from staff.


Another instance that I forgot to mention was when I also controlled KLAX approach. The user contacted approach and requested vectors for 25R. When I gave the vectors multiple times, the user just replied with “unable” and went on his / her own path.

So what was the point of requesting vectors if you aren’t going to follow instructions anyways?

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I support this idea. Nobody wants to punish those who are learning, but we do want to go after pilots who seem to be deliberately upsetting others.

The problem will be (1) to safely and honourably separate the ignorant from the idiots and (2) find the staff for this. What qualifications are we expecting from the undercover staff? Do they need to be as trained and qualified as Moderators? Or could IFATC Supervisors help here.

Our moderators are spending a serious amount of their time patrolling the ES skies, and yet we still see examples or trolling behaviour. Where would we find enough qualified people to patrol the TS skies…


Technically can be anyone with that power. They just need to be undercover so people fly normally without being under constant pressure.

I am pretty sure it will be easy to find those who deliberately upset others. Just takes a few minutes of observing. There’s a noticable difference between players who try, and players who don’t try.


It’s literally pointless to play ATC in the training server these days. I would do expert but I really don’t have time sit around and train until I can be cleared


Maybe there’s scope here to incorporate some light ATC moderation abilities for those in the IFATC Recruitment process?

These candidates are already vetted for controlling ability and maturity - maybe it’s being able to ‘soft ghost’ a troll on TS but the stat does not have any impact on the grade table. Such actions then need to be submitted to their trainer for review?


1)That is very easy. If someone doesn’t answers after multiple requests or isn’t listening to ATC, he is a troller. But if someone is trying to be serious, he is just waiting and doing nothing.
2)I would really like to help there!


Even the softest of ghosts will not be a solution, both pilots and ATC in TS are known to assume trolling position sometimes. The above complaint may come from an ATC in TS now, but some complaints I read awhile back came from pilots in TS. So the current score is set to 0:0, to make it 1:1 some form of ingenuity need to be applied. Nevertheless, an exciting opportunity to put our thinking hats on and post that ingenious feature request to follow (I don’t know what that is yet).

EDIT: One idea just pops up. A volunteer ombudsman body, works as FAA and NTSB. Their job is to review replays for violations and what sort of accidents caused the ghosting, sort of like an impartial “middleman/woman” to settle disputes in IF. They cover both TS and ES, and that’s where the report button goes to, the IF-FAA-NTSB Virtual Office! Any sign of abuse on that report button and the perpetrator will get copped up in proportion to server type (Light for TS, heavy for ES)! :D Too bad I’m not a TL2 tho…

Technically anyone has the power to report someone, if you see someone trolling in Training server just contact Tyler with his details (callsign and display name) and actions will be taken. In my opinion choosing “Undercover Staff” and making sure these people know what they are doing is like IFATC 2.0, there wouldn’t be someone to manage these people.

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I agree, I was landing an A330 in TS yesterday. I had to go around 4 times due to Trolls going on the runaway and ATC letting them. This needs to be stopped, I have thrown myself away from TS because of this. Now I fly in ES


There are actually a set number of people who are able to ghost while flying, including those specially given these permissions by moderators and staff.

I’m not really sure what you mean here, IFATC is heavily moderated and supervisors/moderators do everything in their power to ensure quality service is given and ghosts are legitimate.


Think he means that there should be a pretty high prerequisite or else they would just ghost people for no reason.

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Sorry if i sounded like i said IFATC isn’t managed, I didn’t mean to say that lol, i tried to say that unlike IFATC, there wouldn’t be someone to manage all these Undercover staff, like making sure they know the rules etc

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Very interesting idea! I actually like it a lot!! I would love to see training server more professional with this in place to help. I support!


Maybe IF should increase the requirements to get to grade 2?

I’ve actually been flying exclusively on the training server recently because I’ve found it more enjoyable, it is considerably better then what it was last year and the pilot quality is very similar in comparision to the expert server.

All that being said, I understand your frustration, we’ve all been there. Maybe a way for high level IFATC (ATC Supervisors, Trainers, Recruiters) flying as pilots on the training server to issue custom typed out commands on their tuned frequency like the devs (Laura) have used in the past… that would be interesting and educational.


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