Undercarriage Details Glitch a321

Hey, when I retract and put out the gear, details such as flap slats and fin on engine disappear and reappear
-yes, I restarted and reinstalled
-iOS 11
-latest version of IF

Could it be the new livery or the angle that the camera is positioned at?

I see this on my BA A321 right now
iPad PRO 2016
Some sort of iOS 11

I believe that this may be a part of the LOD (Level of Detail) that FDS has implemented recently.


Both pictures were taken the same angle

Maybe, but the pictures were taken at the same distance and position and angle

I think that a Staff Member/Developer will have more insight on this. Maybe there’s a data threshold in place which would include animations.


I wont tag them… just saying 😉
(You can, however)

They will know soon enough. There’s a busy member looking into it now ;)


I’m already here sneaking around ;)

We’ll look into it. Not exactly sure what to make of this.
I can repro it in certain angles, zoom levels and next time i can’t.


This glitch is happening on all varients of the a320 family and all liveries