Underappreciated 3D Airports and Surrounding Scenery?

@Oregon001 So I just tried it. Thank you! Definitely compellingly new in the steep terrain with water category. I hadn’t tried it before. I took some screen shots I’m sorting through.

@AndrewWu This is very cool, and different. I was unfamiliar with this area. I was just flying around and taking screen shots here too. I think I see the mountains you’re talking about - looks like a set of multiple waves (?) (But I forgot to verify they are south).

@IFLover Thank you! I checked it out. I had been looking for more locations in South America. I need to go back and get better screen shots.

Not sure if anyone has said this but Panama is a pretty underrated country imo. The mountains are nice and so are the beaches. Also try VFR flying down the Panama Canal, it’s pretty cool

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Cape Town (FACT), I flew EDDF-FACT today and the approach into 01 was stunning, absolutely stunning I heavily recommend it. I also surprisingly enough barely see people fly there, maybe the occasional flight from LHR once a day


VILH for sure (Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport), it’s also India’s highest operational aerodrome. Expect beautiful views of the Himalayas while descending and during approach. It also has a very challenging circle to land approach to avoid terrain which needs to be hand-flown.

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For me, it is Taipei Songshan (RCSS) and Geneva (LSGG)

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Leh is short of Daocheng Yading by about 4,000 feet. But is pretty I agree!

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ohhh sorry my bad

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there’s also a waypoint I love to use, it’s called MAKBU, it’s also in colombia, actually I’ll do LIRF-SKBO using MAKBU in like an hour, approaching with ILSE3E

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I can suggest two uncontrolled airports which i recently discovered, and really impressed me, and may get me to fly GA more! Both could handle up to a CCX, or C350 once it arrives.

  1. LIRJ, Marina di Campo, on the island of Elba in Italy, immediately east of Corsica and just south of Pisa. Many islands big and small around it, the Italian coast, and an incredible airport, very similar to St. Barths, approach from the south is recommended.

  2. LIAP, L’Aquila, deep on the Italian mainland, north-east of Rome, and just west of Pescara (LIBP). Moderately sized GA airport, with a slightly longer runway by GA standards. Nestled in between many hills and mountains, but at an elevation of only 2000ft. An approach from the west/north-west will have you tip-toeing through valleys to reach the airport.

Neither of the two have any waypoints near them, so some creativity and patience is required when flying in, and a lot of poking around in VFR to find a way to the runway, especially for LIAP

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@I_Ride_Southwest @TheFlyingDumpling @The_Aviator @guannlin @BP-Aviation @IFLover @Ivan0921 Thank you! I’m a bit behind. I’ll be checking these suggestions out.