Under VFR and wanting to land

Hi guys my question is. Say I leave a controlled airport and contact departure stating VFR free flight, under the flight following tab. I then while still on departures frequency want to land at an uncontrolled field, must i request a visual approach or can i just ask for a frequency change, contact the unicom and proceed with my approach and landing.

I would first request flight following to that airport so that the controller knows your intentions. The controller will then hand you off to Unicom when close enough


I don’t think you would request a visual because it is technically an IFR procedure. I would request flight following if and when you decide you want to land.

Like Drummer said, FF is advised for someone flying VFR. If you want, you could just request radar vectors instead of a visual. This would allow the controller to put you in a traffic pattern - so you would be vectored onto a downwind, base, or straight in entry. Then you’ll be told to change to Unicom.

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I wouldn’t request an approach (as they are IFR). Flight following or radar vectors is your choice. If you want radar vectors request some. There is a chnace that the controller will deny this request. Or just request a flight following.

Thanks for that guys i appreciate it

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