Under-rated Flights, Airports and Aircraft

Hey Y’all, ive recently been ill and thus spending alot of time on infinite flight. ive managed to do a few very fun long haul flights and this has made me think wether there are other routes and airports that are rather underated so i was wondering if anyone can give me some tips.
A few examples of flights that ive manged to find interesting that i dont think are actual routes to my limited knowledge where, LGRP to VIDP in the A350, VNKT to VHHH in the A 350 and ZBAA toTBPB via the north pole ; it was a 16 hour flight in an A350.
i found the scenery on these routes partically interesting.
But the reason why i made this post is to try and compile a list for the comunity so that New Pilots and organised events might try routes that would normally go unconsidered.
also this is my first post so i hope the general is the right place to post.

This is a real route, except it’s operated by the A320 (RA 409) and A333 (CX 640).

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Zurich and A330-300

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One I totally recommend (though slightly biased bc it’s my home airport) but the northern approach from EHAM or LFPG into KSLC is just stunning!
These were from Amsterdam into Salt Lake (DL57 A339)

My favourite photo from this flight has to be this last low cloud layer, the mountains, and Bear Lake in the background


im actually considering taking this flight irl with nepal airlines thank you for the info

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An Addition to my previous examples, alot of the islands in the artic circle are quite fun to fly around especially in the F22, as the range is rather limited, i did a lot of flights around there to help move to grade 3