Under New Management @ KLAS

Hello Y’all

As many of you know, @Kamryn recently made the move to SoCal. And that means that I, @Alec, am the new King Of Vegas

So I went to KLAS to celebrate.

And yes, I am trying a new editing technique so there are a few hiccups that I will fix in the future.

Alaska A320

Took this shot earlier in the afternoon, and I feel like the sun made the shot turn out nicely.


Its always a treat for me to spot BizJets… mainly because you never know what livery will show up!

Marshals Serice 737-700

This was possibly one of my favorite planes of the day (aside from the last one).

Southwest (Louisiana One) 737-700

Camera went bababooey on the quality.

Southwest (Retro) 737-700

This was what I came for! Favorite SWA special livery.

Favorite Pic?

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Nice shots, here before posted in the PM

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nice one on the Herbert D. Kelleher!

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First, haha y’all are slow.

I’m diggin’ the gold 😏

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@Kamryn Might have to come back and take your crown, I probably won’t be able to take it from him😂


What happened to freedom one? 😏

Very nice shots Alec, I’m surprised you haven’t made more spotting topics!

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Got delayed by an hour and a half and I couldn’t stay, and actually the trio was originally planned around the Retro but I happened to notice freedom one was arriving as well.

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Did a little 70s-80s edit to the Retro. I think it came out great!


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