Uncontrolled Climb

I was using autopilot during my climb-out to cruise, and I set the VS to 3000. All of a sudden it kept going up without reason, all the way up to 8000 FPM with my VS still the same setting in autopilot. I was transitioning from FL100 and set my speed from 250 to 300, and it occurred right then. Maybe the increase in power shot the nose up? I’m not sure.

This is probably a glitch. If I hadn’t been watching and didn’t disengage autopilot and recover it would have stalled me.


Device: iPad Pro 12.9 inch (stock, not jailbroken)

Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR

Infinite Flight and iOS are both on the latest versions.

Are you making a statement or do you have an issue? No aircraft listed, device, IF version, device OS, etc. Your topic is quite vague…

Oh sure, let me put some more info. My bad.

I’m wondering if this a glitch and can it be fixed so it doesn’t happen again.

Alright, more info was put in. Hope it helps.

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what about your aircraft weight? flap settings? trim? are you sure you set your v/s and not your altitude? maybe you accidentally touched the v/s button and turned it off without realizing it so the aircraft started pitching up when the speed was increased?!

anyway i fly all type of boeing 777s in the sim and never had any issue with one so i am sure there’s no glitch going on,

Aircraft weight is very heavy, since I’m on an ultra-long haul. Flap settings 0. Trim 55%. And no, I can confirm that I touched nothing - I was simply monitoring the screen and it happened all of a sudden.

how heavy? like above MTOW? or only above MLW? and did you have your trim at 55% right from the beginning all the way up until you added more speed?

3000 vs is too much. Instead, set it to 2200 or lower

what I do when increasing airspeed is manually take control of the throttle so that it slowly increases and not with 100% throttle

Not sure, it was just orange and in the 500,000 range. Trim was being constantly adjusted, but at the time it happened it was 55%.

I guess? But airspeed wasn’t decreasing, it was completely fine. What happened to me really was not a natural occurrence.

The trim may be too much. Set it lower but still enough, like 35%

okay i am gonna do a test in solo and try to make that happen.

I will also simulate what occurred in Solo and get back to you,

I adjusted it to where the pink bar goes away, which is where it should be at.


ok but feels too much for me

i am trying so hard to make that happen but its ain’t happening, i even added 100% max weight the sim can offer i set my v/s at 3000 and airspeed at 250 with trim at 40% and as soon as i passed FL100 i set the air speed to 300 and trim at 55% with v/s still at 3000 and i got all the way up to FL340 without any problems.

Do you have your cargo and fuel all synchronized

Yeah, it’s probably an unreplicable glitch.

Yes, I do.

What airport where you at? and did you suddenly go from full flaps to 0 flaps? and the winds and temperature