Uncontrolled airports

Hi infinite flight community

This is my 1st topic so sorry if it is in the wrong category.

I was just wondering if you can still get reported on expert server on a uncontrolled airport with no atc?

I ask because I got reported last night for flying out of vhhh and not following the correct inbound procedures. There were no atc present and I was using unicom.

Just a quick question for everyone so I can understand.

Thanks IFC


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If you get too many violations, then yes you can get reported.
Or if there is a mod near you, they can report you too.

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Check this.
ATC Schedule • 27 May-2 June 2019.

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To make it a bit easyer for you here´s the screenshot of the Scedule, The TFR ( big red circle ) said that flying from or into VHHH will be enforced with a ghost


Understood guys but I didn’t come across the restriction not to fly in and out of vhhh.

Thanks anyway for getting back to me

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Oh yeah flying pencil. I see it now. Must of just missed it. Thanks


There is a TFR present . You can’t fly to/out of VHHH


If there’s a big red circle around an airport that says CLOSED, probably best not to use it.


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